Sizegenetics – Big Tools for a Big Job

Penis enlargement is quite the industry these days. Not only does just about every guy on the planet want a bigger penis, but everyone aware of this fact wants to sell him some way to get one. Unfortunately, most methods out there are scams. Plastic surgeons and experts in physiology all agree – no pill you’re going to find online or at the drug store is actually going to do anything to cause your penis to grow. No way, no how. That’s not to say that every method will fail, however, and in fact, many plastic surgeons use Sizegenetics in combination with their full-blown surgical methods to give their patients the packages they want.

Sizegenetics: How it Works

Sizegenetics penis extender is a simple product at heart. It’s just a chamber that users place over their penis and gradually vacuum air out of. By producing a low-pressure system around the penis, blood has no choice but to rush into penile blood vessels, resulting in an erection.

  • Artificially Induce Erection Harder than Normal.
  • Maintain Erection for Longer than Normal.
  • Remove Pump. “Practice” inducing erections in response to normal stimuli.
  • Enjoy Harder Penis when Body Learns.

The pump makes your penis bigger through a somewhat more ingenious method. By forcibly pulling blood into the penis, the pump causes blood vessels that haven’t been swollen or participated in erection circulation in a long time to fill up. Gradually, your body remembers these blood vessels and fills them up whenever you get an erection without the pump. Over time, this means you’ll enjoy both a longer and thicker penis when you’re hard, and a longer and thicker penis when you’re flaccid, as well, though the former will be apparent before the latter.

Why Sizegenetics?

The main reason to favor Sizegenetics over just about every other common penis enlargement product is the fact that it’s not a pill. Most pills on the market do little more than nothing. In the best case scenario, they improve circulation, but that doesn’t do anything to increase penis length, girth, or health. In reality, the majority of pills don’t even do that. They’re rarely more than sugar and some other “extracts” that have never been proven to be anything but safe for human consumption – there’s no guarantee, typically not even a suggestion, that it will be effective.

Sizegenetics, on the other hand, operates on a more time-tested principle. By forcing blood into the penis with pressure, you’re inducing an erection that’s harder, thicker, and in some cases, longer than you would achieve without the pump. It’s a fact that the body gets better at doing what it frequently does, so frequently inducing such large erections means your body will learn to frequently induce such large erections. The magic here is that there is no magic. You watch it work, you feel it work, and when you get hard without it, you know it worked. This is in stark contrast to pills you can’t feel, watch, or see acting.

A final reason to favor Sizegenetics is the fact that using it is, obviously, noninvasive. The only proven alternative to highly effective pumps like Sizegenetics is surgery, but most men don’t actually need a larger penis, and most men aren’t sufficiently insecure about their size to take the risk of going under the knife for a little bit of size. If they do, they run all the risks surgery presents, as well as a few specific to penis enlargement operations, including unpleasant scarring and an inability to function normally after, in severe cases. Sizegenetics, as a pump, doesn’t require any incisions or invasion, and is thus as safe as possible.

What Can Sizegenetics Promise Me?

A harder erection and a thicker penis, for two. The first of these is the most common result men mention. Even if they see no increase in length and only minor increase in girth, men universally experience harder erections, increased ease in achieving erection, and more persistent erections once achieved. While most men are certain they get “hard enough”, women can assure you that a harder erection means a lot more than a slightly thicker penis. In reality, most men are big enough, and would benefit a lot more from this effect of Sizegenetics rather than its ability to give you a bigger penis.

That said, why not have both? A majority of men report a noticeable increase in length and increases in thickness of up to 0.75”. While it’s certainly nice to have a bigger penis, and it’s certainly nice to have a harder penis, it’s undoubtedly nicer to have a bigger and harder penis. Sizegenetics can give you a lot:

  • More Girth
  • More Length
  • More Sex

It’s certainly not a panacea, but it can definitely turn “just adequate” into “absolutely astounding”!


Sizegenetics Review